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Dance Classes in Murfreesboro, TN

You want your child to develop coordination, grace & physical fitness. You want your child to stimulate their creative side & develop self-expression. You want your child to develop a life-long appreciation for music dance & the arts.You want your child to build their self-esteem & confidence. You want your child to be involved in an activity that allows them to socialize with children their age and most of all, you want your child involved in an activity that is healthy and very, very fun.
Our goal is to provide all this & more!

Group of little boys and girls dancing while having choreography class in the dance studio. Female dance teacher and children dancing. Contemp dance. Hip hop. Kids and sport. Full length

Children's Dance Classes

A team of young children do gymnastics in a dance class. The concept of sport, education, childhood, hobbies and dance.

Variety of
Classes & Styles

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Dance Classes for All Ages

Group of cute little boys and girls studying modern dance in studio. Children jumping while having a choreography class. Sport. Active lifestyle

Age Appropriate & Family Friendly

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Dance Education at an Affordable Price

At Dance Star we pride ourselves in being an affordable studio. We offer sibling discounts, affordable classes, costumes and fees. Throughout the year we also offer fundraisers for optional participation to help offset costs. We also offer dance wear and shoes at a low price! We are happy to place orders frequently to help assist our busy families.

Reviews and Testimonials

What Parents Are Saying...

"As a parent, I was looking for a great staff that was organized and had great communication. Dance Star has these qualities plus more!"
- Jennifer B

"Cole and Klaine are fantastic and truly care for my daughter."

- Kimberly J.

"Ms. Cole and Ms. Klaine are both so personable and compassionate, and the class is both fun and structured."

- Kat M

About Ms. Cole

Dance Star instructors have over 30 years of experience both in teaching and receiving dance instruction.

They enjoy not only teaching but building and establishing a relationship with every student and their families. It is a blessing and privilege to watch them grow both as dancers and individuals throughout the years.

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