Studio Policies



  • Enrollment is open until December 31st. Students may enroll after January 1st with the understanding that they may not be allowed to participate in recital or that additional classes and fees may be incurred in order to prepare for recital.
  • We are requiring all students take a ballet class along with their chosen classes in order to get a full background of the fundamentals of dance. Please speak with Ms. Cole or Ms. Klaine if for some reason this is a problem.
  • Monthly newsletters – there will be monthly newsletters in the black file holder by the entrance to the studio. You must initial below stating that you received the newsletter. After you read your newsletter please ask any questions that you may have. This is where the majority of our communication is handled. Please make sure to pick up a newsletter each month.



  • Tuition is due the first class of every month.
  • Tuition is considered late after the second class of every month. A $10 late fee will be added to the student’s account for every week the tuition is late.
  • Payments can be made by cash or check made payable to Dance Star.
  • Tuition is always based on a 4 week month.


Make-Up Policies:

  • Make-up classes requested will be charged $50 per hour.
  • If classes are cancelled by the instructor or due to weather, make-ups may be offered at no additional charge.
  • In the case of inclement weather please check our Facebook page for cancellations.


Drop Policy:

  • In order to drop a class written notification is required before the last day of the month prior to the month you want to drop. For example, if you want to drop in January written notification must be given on or before December 31st. If notification of the drop is not received by the end of the previous month, you are responsible for the tuition for that month and the drop will take effect on the 1st of the following month. If the student decides to drop, the registration, any tuition, recital fee or costume payments are non-refundable.


Dress Code:

  • It is important that dancers learn that their dance attire is special and must be treated with care. If a dancer arrives not dressed appropriately for class, we reserve the right to ask them to sit and observe.
  • Hair must be pulled back in a ponytail in order to keep it out of the face as well as to keep them from playing with their hair.
  • NO JEWELRY during class or at recital unless specified by instructor.
  • Detached skirts may be worn, however, instructor reserves the right to have the student remove it if they are a distraction to the students. Leotards with skirts attached are permitted.
  • Ballet – leotard, tights, pink leather ballet shoes.
  • Jazz – leotard, snug shorts or pants, tan jazz slip on shoes.
  • Tap – leotard, snug shorts or pants, tan tap shoes.
  • Students 11 & up – black leotard must be worn in all classes.
  • Hip-Hop – No jeans or street clothes, snug fitting attire required.
  • Shorts and pants must be made of stretchy material in order for the student to be able to stretch easily.
  • Dress code is strictly enforced.
  • All items can be ordered through us by completing a blank order form. No items will be ordered until the order is paid in full. No exceptions!
  • Please label your child’s dance attire, bag and shoes with their name or initials; this way if lost it is easy to return.


Studio Rules:

  • Smile! Have fun while you are learning; but at the same time, maintain your self-discipline and level of maturity.
  • All students must listen to the instructor & follow all given instructions.
  • All students must respect all other students & instructor.
  • NO running or yelling in studio.
  • NO hanging on the barre, touching the mirrors or CD player.
  • NO chewing gum, food, snacks or candy in studio, this includes the lobby.
  • Students may bring their water bottle to class.
  • Students should use the restroom prior to class beginning.
  • Students should remain in lobby until their class time begins.
  • Students must bring all applicable items (shoes) back to studio at the beginning of their first class, as students will not be allowed to leave the studio for these items.
  • No chatting, cell phones or iPods in class that may distract the student.
  • Dancer must raise hand if there is a question or problem.
  • Do not distract the assistants.
  • Parents must follow all studio policies & procedures.
  • Parents should notify Ms. Cole or Ms. Klaine prior to their child’s class starting if their child is going to be absent. If we are not notified this will be an unexcused absence.
  • 3 unexcused absences after January 1st will result in the child not being able to participate in recital.
  • We reserve the right to dismiss any child from class at any time.
  • We follow the Rutherford County school system’s schedule.
  • Please be prepared to remain at the studio while your child is in class if your child is unable to use the restroom alone.
  • Dance Star and its instructors solely determine the class level and placement of students.


Rehearsal & Recital:

  • Rehearsal is tentatively June 10, 2016 – Schedule to follow later. This day is MANDATORY! This will be an all-day event.
  • Recital is tentatively June 11, 2016
  • Please wait until after these two dates to schedule family vacations or overnight camps for your children as the last week is very critical.
  • Costumes will be handed out the first week of June, once all payments have been received and accounts paid in full. Instructions will also be handed out with the costumes. If you would like for us to keep your costumes and deliver them to the recital venue we will keep the costumes.
  • Costume cost includes all items applicable for the costume with the exception of shoes. Child size costumes will be approximately $60 and adult size costumes will be approximately $75.
  • Dance Star is not responsible for a lost costume once it is taken home, chances are good we will not be able to replace the costume from the company due to shipping dates.
  • Recital fee, tuition & costumes payments are non-refundable.